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On-trend, capable, and custom-built
caravans for the family who is keen to adventure.


So, it’s finally happening, hey?

Start adventuring today!

After years of dreaming and planning, you’re finally ready to hit the road with the fam and explore this great country of ours. How good is that? But hold up, you don’t want one of those boring old grey nomad caravans, do you? Nah, we get it. You want something that’s off-grid capable, designed just the way you like it, and a bloody head-turner too. We hear ya loud and clear! And hey, we know you want to get out there and start adventuring before the kids graduate school, right? Well, no worries. You’ve come to the right place.

Why choose Wildtrail Caravans?

Wildtrail Caravans are the go-to in the industry

When it comes to premium, custom caravans that are not only good-looking but also a ripper off-road, Wildtrail Caravans is the go-to.
Whether you’re a full-time adventurer or a weekend warrior, we’ve got your back, no doubt about it.


And it’s not just our caravans that have people talking. We’ve got a reputation for delivering on time, every time. No waiting around for 18 months and hearing excuse after excuse as to why your caravan is delayed. When we say it’s coming, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s coming. And our aftersales service is second to none. The transaction isn’t over once you drive off the lot. We’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience and service, from start to finish.


So why wait? Let’s get you on the road to adventure with a Wildtrail Caravan that’s built just for you.


Take a peek
into our line up…

Our Off-Trail range is designed for couples or families who crave adventure but want to do it in style.. With layouts ranging from 19’6ft to 24ft and accommodating four to six people, our range is perfect for families of all sizes. And the best part? Our Off-Trail Family range is not only completely on trend, but it’s also totally off-road capable.

19’6 – 24ft

Offering a variety of caravan layouts to suit different styles of living.

From $83,990

Our range is all-inclusive, so your next adventure is almost limitless!

2-8 people

Accommodating 2-8 people, they are perfect for families of all sizes.

Adventure awaits

Wildtrail Polaroids

Picture this

…you wake up to the sweet sound of kookaburras laughing and a fresh breeze blowing through your window. You open your eyes to a stunning view of the Australian bush or coastline, depending on your mood. And where are you? Right in your Wildtrail Caravan, a place that feels like home no matter where you roam.

With the freedom to pack up and hit the road whenever you bloody well please, you can explore the country at your own pace. And best of all, there are no restrictions on where you can go! So whether you’re keen to head off to remote bushland or cruise along stunning beaches, your Wildtrail Caravan will take you there.

Join the growing crew of Wildtrail owners who are living the dream of a life on the road, with no boundaries or restrictions. Trust us mate, once you’ve experienced the joy of a Wildtrail Caravan, you’ll never look back. So don’t just dream of adventure, bloody well live it with a Wildtrail Caravan!


What is the wait time for a new build?
  • At this stage we are taking orders due for completion late May 2024 (ever changing)
What is the process to secure a build spot allocation?

An initial $1,000 secures your build spot within our schedule

What is the payment schedule?
  • Initial $1,000 deposit when securing your build spot
  • Deposit top up of $4,000 once final order placed
  • Final balance due once van build is complete
Can we purchase from interstate?

You absolutely can, all of our quoting, ordering, colour selection, design and handovers are able to be done virtually

Do you transport interstate?

We have many contacts within the transport industry and can facilitate a transport collection

Is your warranty Australia wide?
  • Absolutely, we have an online portal to lodge your warranty claim where one of our team will work with you to get warranty claims rectified within proximity to the caravan’s location
How does the quoting process work?
  • Choose your layout
  • Choose your badge level
  • Choose any additional extra’s
  • Email us your wish list to admin@wildtrail.com.au
  • We will provide you an itemised quote

The process from A-Z

How it works

1. Secure it

$1,000 Deposit is required to secure your custom build spot within the manufacturer’s schedule.

*Please ensure you refer to our Terms and Conditions of sale found on your quote and invoice prior to any deposits being paid

2. Plan it

Over the next 14 days, your Wildtrail Caravans representative will converse with you to quote your inclusions list. Utilise this time to add, subtract, design and create your dream van.

3. Create it

14 days after initial deposit is paid you are required to finalise all your build specifications, inclusions, and colours at which time you will be sent a “final quote” inclusive of all these details. Once you “accept” this quote, the order is immediately submitted to the factory and a further $4,000 deposit top-up is required.

Please note, no further changes can be made to the order after the quote is accepted.

4. See it

As your build nears, a representative from Wildtrail Caravans will be in contact with you, in particular, they will inform you of your chassis arriving and your build commencing.

You will continue to be updated throughout the build process (generally 2-3 weeks).

5. Finalise it

Once your build nears completion, you will receive an expected completion date, and your final invoice inclusive of your VIN number.
You will be notified of the actual completion of your build at which time the invoice is due, and the handover of your caravan will be booked in at Beachside Caravans.
Live it

6. Live it

At the time of your handover, a representative from Wildtrail Caravans will spend approximately 2 hours with you showing you all the components of your caravan, assists you to hitch the caravan to your tow vehicle and ensure you leave the dealership comfortably and safely. If you are unable to attend a handover and have arranged transport of the caravan, we ask that the collection is still booked in with the dealership to ensure vehicle and caravans move around the premises safely.

What our customers say…

Built by families for families!

From one family to another…

Top-quality caravans

Wildtrail Caravan founders, Shannon and Katherine, identified a gap in the caravan industry for boutique styling combined with extreme capability, leading them to create a brand that offers families a luxurious yet practical caravan for their adventures. The brand is built by their own family, and continually tried, tested, innovated and developed to ensure top-quality caravans that meet the needs of your family.