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Still on the hunt for your dream caravan? Stop right there, because you’ve finally caught up with the caravan you’ve been chasing. Look no further. Your search ends right here with Wildtrail Caravans.

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Five Person


4-5 People

19’6 ft

Two Person


2 People

 20’6 ft

Five Person


4-5 People

  21’6 ft 

Five Person

El Questro

4-5 People

22’6 ft

Five Person


4-5 People

22’9 ft

Eight Person


6-8 People

23’6 ft

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Inclusion Levels

Five Person

Tourer Badge

Five Person

Off Trail Badge

Eight Person

Aluminium Series Badge

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Popular Upgrades

Five Person

Popular Upgrades

Take a peek
into our line up…

Our Off-Trail Family range is designed for families who crave adventure but want to do it in style.. With layouts ranging from 19’6ft to 24ft and accommodating four to six people, our range is perfect for families of all sizes. And the best part? Our Off-Trail Family range is not only completely on trend, but it’s also totally off-road capable.

19’6 – 24ft

Offering a variety of caravan layouts to suit different styles of living.

From $83,990

Our range is all-inclusive, so your next adventure is almost limitless!

2-8 people

Accommodating 2-8 people, they are perfect for families of all sizes.


What is the wait time for a new build?

At this stage we are taking orders due for completion late May 2024 (ever changing)

What is the process to secure a build spot allocation?

An initial $1,000 secures your build spot within our schedule

What is the payment schedule?
  • Initial $1,000 deposit when securing your build spot
  • Deposit top up of $4,000 once final order placed
  • Final balance due once van build is complete
Can we purchase from interstate?

You absolutely can, all of our quoting, ordering, colour selection, design and handovers are able to be done virtually

Do you transport interstate?

We have many contacts within the transport industry and can facilitate a transport collection

Is your warranty Australia wide?
  • Absolutely, we have an online portal to lodge your warranty claim where one of our team will work with you to get warranty claims rectified within proximity to the caravan’s location
How does the quoting process work?
  • Choose your layout
  • Choose your badge level
  • Choose any additional extra’s
  • Email us your wish list to admin@wildtrail.com.au
  • We will provide you an itemised quote

The benefits

Some of the

benefits of a caravan life

Although you probably don’t need convincing –
here are some of the benefits of living that caravan life!

No more stomach churn when you hear that interest rates have gone up (AGAIN). You either sold your house or renting that sucker out while you travel.

Sick of your new neighbour? Pack up with ease and take off. Just maybe don’t do it in the middle of the night.

Vibing the place you are at… stay a little while longer. You don’t need to be home by a certain date anymore!

Less electricity, less gas, less bills! Do we even need to say more?