Our Story

After many years within the caravan industry, Wildtrail Caravan founders, Shannon and Katherine found the industry lacked what they loved the most, boutique styling combined with extreme capability. In 2021, the young family set out to create a brand that offered families not only a caravan to take them everywhere they have dreamt of going, but a caravan that felt comfortable and luxurious while practical and on trend. Continually tried, tested, innovated and developed, Wildtrail Caravans is built by our family, for your family.

Meet the Team

Behind Wildtrail Caravans



Katherine handles the sales

Katherine handles the sales side of the business, so when you’re ordering your dream van, it’ll be Katherine speaking to you on the other end!

Katherine is passionate about van life because…I grew up caravanning with my parents and three siblings, I made the best memories, best friends and the greatest opportunities arose from caravaning. We’re so lucky to live in the most beautiful country to travel.

Katherine started building caravans because… I’m obsessed with caravans, but I also didn’t love seeing the same mundane caravans, I found the industry lacking so much personality and style as well as the ability to build people’s dreams to perfectly suit them and I know we could offer that.

One interesting fact about Katherine… I unexpectedly grew up in Broome WA. While doing our big lap, we stopped in Broome for 5 days, 8 years later we finished our “visit in Broome” and continued our big lap. It’s the longest I’ve ever lived in one spot, Broome will always be home to me.


Shannon is the man behind the scenes.

Shannon is passionate about van life because… the ease of set-up is just too good. You get to your destination, roll out your awning and crack a beer. You can decide on a Friday afternoon, “bugger it lets take off for the weekend”, and you can.

Shannon started building caravans because… I just had so many ideas I wanted to push the limits. More power, more water, more capability, more freedom, but I also wanted to build a brand for my family, something to pass onto my children, something for them to be proud of.

One interesting fact about Shannon… I left my secure and stable job of 20 years to chase this dream. It was one of the most surreal and terrifying moments, but I’ve never for a second looked back.


Boutique styling combined with extreme capability.

Our trail

About Wildtrail Caravans


When Kat was eight years old, her childhood along with her parents and three siblings was being towed by a 60 series Landcruiser in a Quad Bunk Caravan.


Kat got her first job working caravan sales. Her career consisted of doing shows across the country for about 20 different brands


Shannon and Kat opened up their own caravan dealership, selling other brands but soon stopped as they felt that their hearts weren’t in the vans.


So they launched Wildtrail Caravans, as they wanted to bring their own ideas to the table and build beautiful caravans that they could appreciate and be proud of.


In May, Wildtrail Caravans partnered with Adex Vanguard.


By June, they knew they wanted to give their brand a face lift and really dive into the premium all inclusive market, so they discontinued the Karinjini range


In October they are geared up for their first show under the Wildtrail banner!